Oh Boy... The Hearthstone Team has Gone Looking for Dave Kosak

Oh Boy... The Hearthstone Team has Gone Looking for Dave Kosak

Ben Brode and Ben Thompson have decided to go looking for Dave as he hasn't yet returned from his expedition. Ben has asked us to get in touch with Yong Woo if they aren't back by Sunday evening.

Hey @DaveKosak, did you get back from camping alright? I can't wait to see the next expansion already! [Ben Brode]

Is he back? He didn't reply~ ...might have to go looking for him [Ben Brode]

Still no word from @DaveKosak. Hey @BenThompsonArt – you want to help me look for him? I really want to see the next expansion!! [Ben Brode]

Yeah, for sure... let me get my camera. [Ben Thompson]

im gonna be so tilted if its not today.

It depends on how long it takes us to find Kosak. We're leaving soon to find him, but i think it could take a few days

...but if we're not back Sunday night, call Yong Woo.


Uh... I hope you guys know what you're doing. [Yong Woo]

Selfie from the road! [Image is in this post above] [Ben Brode]

@ywoo_dev Hey Yong, I just wanted to let you know that @bdbrode and @BenThompsonArt aren't going to be back from their expedition to find @DaveKosak on Sunday. I hope you're ready to lead us to safety in these dark times.

I'm sure they are fine. What could go wrong? [Yong Woo]


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