Most Popular HearthPwn Decks for February 2018

Most Popular HearthPwn Decks for February 2018

Which decks reigned supreme? Below you'll find the most popular 10 decks for Standard and Wild during the past month. Congratulations to everyone who made it to the top! A special shoutout goes to bullseye who made the standard list a total of 4 times and another to Gunnolf who made the wild list 3 times!

Popular Standard Decks

Deck Author Cost
 Muzzy's Zoolock Muzzy 3040
 Muzzy's Dudeadin Muzzy 4740
 Best-in-Slot CNTRL Mage DoubleEs 11240
 Steal Priest! Paperninja20 5900
 Combo Priest Orange 4680
 Demon Zoolock ma3ud 1400
 Spiteful Priest Bullseye 5360
 Eggmancer Thezzy 1700
 Xtra Crispy Mage kiwiinbacon 4080
 Murlocadin Ender 5140

Popular Wild Decks

Deck Author Cost
 OP Malylock Nnihilator 11580
 Secret Paladin Tyler_ 7660
 Jade Druid Evildevil 9120
 Kathrena Secret Hunter Gunnolf 9280
 Oldschool Miracle Rogue + Guide Duvfa 9120
 Healbot OTK Priest Gunnolf 4400
 Anti cubelock version Evildevil 6360
 Malylock Full Guide JSASCS 11340
 Burn Renomage Gunnolf 20060
 OTK Highlander Priest Emirates0506 12840


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