Year of the Mammoth Bundle Ends March 11 + Bonus Hearthstone Community Poll

Year of the Mammoth Bundle Ends March 11

If you, like thousands of other players, were wondering when the Year of the Mammoth pack bundle was ending, we've finally got an answer. Thanks to a tweet from the Hearthstone twitter account this afternoon (and apparently shop page), it looks like the fun comes to an end on March 11.

Quote from @PlayHearthstone

The Year of the Mammoth Bundle is now available on the Blizzard Shop! For a limited time get 30 packs for 50% off  (Source)

What'd You Get?

A little late to the party here but here's my haul.


Are You Still Playing Hearthstone?

We've got a few questions for all Hearthstone players, whether you're playing the game still or not.

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