Mike Donais Slams Nonsense, Talks About Cubelock Power and Nerfs

Mike Donais Slams Nonsense, Talks About Cubelock Power and Nerfs

Yesterday afternoon, Hearthstone's Principal Game Designer, Mike Donais, responded to a post on reddit which claimed they fought 17 Cubelock decks in a row and proved them wrong. Through internal statistics, Donais discovered that no one in all of Hearthstone fought that many Cubelock decks in a row that day and that there are indeed better decks than Cubelock.

Here's what Mike had to say about Cubelock's power level and nerfs in Hearthstone.

  • Cubelock is currently ranked as the 12th best deck in their system.
  • The deck will be stronger after the card nerfs arrive due to no cards within the deck being nerfed.
  • Cubelock is challenging to play so it may improve more as players get better at it, though it may also get countered more if popularity increases.
  • If Warlock is a big problem post-patch and players have had time to adjust to it, they'll evaluate it then.
  • Win rate is not the only factor in deciding when cards get nerfed. How players feel about cards matters too.

Here are Mike's full posts which the above points were taken from.

Quote from Mike Donais

I just checked the data, and no one played 17 cubelocks in a row today.

If you are indeed having trouble with Cubelock there are several decks that beat it consistently right now. It is currently the 12th best deck.

I did enjoy the title of your post though. (Source)

A couple people asked why the stats I mentioned don't metch VS power ranking so I looked up VS 79 and across all rankings Control Warlock is the 10th best deck. I assume they mix control and cube warlock in their stats. We have decks broken out a bit more but 10th gives you the general idea.

Obviously after the nurfs it will be stronger since none of the cards in cubelock are being nurfed and that concerns me but it is a pretty challenging deck with a lot of opportunities to show off player skill. People will eventually get better at playing it, but people will also put in more weapon destruction or silence cards if it gets more popular.

I am excited to see what people figure out after the patch. If Warlock is a big problem after people have some time to adjust and tune the new decks then we will look into it. I have said many times before that win rate is not the most important factor in our nurf decisions. How people feel matters more, so we will listen to players and make decisions based on that, just like we did in the past with Quest Rogue and Patron Warrior. (Source)


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