Hearthstone Patch 5170 - New Quests, Mobile Additions, PC Bang Gold Rewards

[Update] Apr 10 5:10 PM EST: Added official patch notes.

Hearthstone Patch 5170

A small patch has been deployed to the Hearthstone servers and will soon be available for download is now available for download. There were no balance related card changes, but some locales did see name or description updates.

Official Patch Notes

Looks like the patch introduced some bug fixes we weren't able to gather.

Quote from Blizzard

Bug Fixes

  • Hearthstone will no longer remain on screen when Alt + Tab are pressed in Full Screen mode.
  • The client will no longer pester you repeatedly about the Season ending over and over again.
  • Losing an Arena match and returning to the key screen will no longer cause the key to appear to have been upgraded.
  • The sound played after casting Assassinate no longer continues after the attack has finished or is cancelled. Don’t forget to check for a pulse.
  • The Buy button in the Shop should now be properly clickable when you have 100 or more gold.
  • Accepting a Friendly Challenge while the Store UI is open will no longer cause the Store UI to remain and obstruct view of the deck selection screen. Store UI gets a little clingy sometimes.
  • You are once again able to start a game in any mode after exiting a Friendly Challenge match.
  • Battle.net friends on the friend’s list will once again accurately reflect the game status of cross-game friends.
  • Minions once again gain +1 Health when Sword of Justice is triggered after Repentance is played.
  • Completing a quest when there are three quests in the quest log will no longer immediately grant a new quest.

New Quests

Two new achievements / quests have been added to the game. One is only obtainable by playing on the iPad, and the other appears to be for "Internet Game Rooms" like PC Bang in Korea. IGR is not fully implemented yet so it is not yet obtainable.

IGR Login Reward (NNF) Daily NYI 100 Gold
iPack One time Awarded for playing a game on iPad. 1 Card Pack

String Changes

Some mobile specific strings have been added, and new rewards in the form of gold for players logging in at PC Bang.

Quote from HearthPwn


  • [NEW] GLOBAL_PROGRAMNAME_HEROES - Heroes of the Storm
  • [NEW] GLOBAL_REWARD_GOLD_SOURCE_IGR_DATED - Awarded for logging in from an IGR on {0}0=GLOBAL_CURRENT_DATE
  • GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_CHANGE_CONFIRM_MESSAGE - This will interrupt your current activity. Are you sure? (Previously "You will lose any unsaved progress. Continue?")

  • [NEW] GLOBAL_LOGIN_CONFIRM_MESSAGE - You will lose your current progress. Are you sure?



  • [NEW] GLUE_MOBILE_TOOLTIP_BUTTON_STORE_DESC - Buy Packs with gold or money.

  • [NEW] GLUE_MOBILE_REGION_SELECT_TOOLTIP Select a region to play in.


  • [NEW] TUTORIAL_MOBILE_COMPLETE_CONGRATS - You have defeated Illidan and are ready to challenge new opponents online!


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