Hall of Champions is This Week's Brawl!

Hall of Champions is This Week's Brawl!

Which Legendary Champions' decks grace these hallowed halls? Let's find out!



  • This is a brand new brawl!
  • The decks in this brawl come from real decks used during World Championship events.
  • Your name changes in the brawl to Champion whose deck you are using.
  • Cards used in these old decks are in their original form - no nerfs!

How it Works

  • Hit the brawl button to be given a random deck from a world champion - Pavel, Ostaka, or Firebat.
  • Find out if you're good enough to be a champion.

Deck Intro Strings

  • PAVEL_DRUID Pavel beat DrHippi in a mirror match with this deck. Watch out for big minions!
  • PAVEL_MAGE Pavel's Mage had multiple close calls in the 2016 Championship with this deck. How about you?
  • PAVEL_SHAMAN Pavel's Shaman was always banned by his opponents. But it's not banned here!
  • PAVEL_ROGUE Pavel's Rogue can struggle against aggressive decks, but it still packs a big punch!
  • PAVEL_WARRIOR Pavel played this C'thun Warrior twice in the Finals, losing to DrHippi's Warrior but winning against his Druid.
  • OSTKAKA_ROGUE In the last match of the 2015 Finals, Ostkaka beat Hotform's Druid and was welcomed into the Hall of Champions!
  • OSTKAKA_WARRIOR Grim Patrons helped Ostkaka win... even without Warsong Commander. That's playing with style!
  • OSTKAKA_MAGE Ostkaka played this Freeze Mage against Hotform's Tempo Mage, burning it down with fireballs. Irony!
  • FIREBAT_ROGUE Firebat soundly beat DTwo's Priest in 2014, achieving lethal with a miracle 12/4 Auctioneer!
  • FIREBAT_HUNTER Firebat chose this Hunter to counter DTwo's Warlock, as payback for losing his Rogue deck...
  • FIREBAT_DRUID Firebat started the Finals with his Druid... and never lost! He's the 2014 Champion!
  • FIREBAT_WARLOCK Firebat's Warlock was banned in the finals by Tiddler Celestial. How will it do now?

Firebat's Decks - World Championship 2014

Ostkaka's Decks - World Championship 2015

Pavel's Decks - World Championship 2016

Original Cards

Cards in the decks are the unnerfed versions of that card. This was done by having duplicate cards added to the game specifically for the brawl. Here they all are! It would be super cool to see this extended in the future to see a buildable deck brawl with unnerfed cards.





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