Deck Spotlight: Handlock Returns!

Deck Spotlight: Handlock Returns!

StanCifka is back with another deck guide to teach you how to better yourself at Hearthstone. Today we're playing the old school Handlock with cards the new kids brought us. You can find mulligan information below and the deck itself but for more info, head on over to the guide.

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Mulligan Guide

No matter who you play against you want to keep Possessed Lackey, he is just that good.

Versus aggro you want cheap cards, everything except Dark Pact is good, and Hellfire is also solid. Keeping Lesser Amethyst Spellstone is also an option, especially if you already have Kobold Librarian ready. Versus control, you want Mountain Giant and Rin, the First Disciple as well as aforementioned Possessed Lackey, and mulligan everything else.

The Deck

Stancifka's HANDLOCK is back!
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