Deathwing Needs a Friendwing - Phase 1 is Live! Class Creation Competition

Deathwing Needs a Friendwing - Phase 1 is Live! Class Creation Competition

Hello, puny mortals, this is Shadows checking in again. For those of you who missed out on the Challenge voting, welcome to this insanity, and for those of you who voted, I hope you got what you wanted!

To recap, Deathwing, Destroyer of Worlds, Big Scary Dragon Dude, has been captured by Alexstrasza and her glamorous assistant Cogito, who have decided that what he really needs to go from burning to bonding is a nice friend. However, since this is all a convoluted way to get you all to compete against each other, they've decided that the best way to find his new best bud is with a game show, where potential friends are put forward to be judged.

Like previous class competitions, over the course of the event you'll show us more and more cards from your class, following a basic guideline of rules. However, before each phase Cogito will spin her Comically Oversized Multicoloured Wheel of Destiny, on which six extra challenges will be featured. Since this is a Hearthstone competition, though, and we all know how you guys feel about random, unexpected outcomes, you'll be voting on which three of the challenges to follow. We've already done that for this phase, and you can see them below!

Have fun, play fair, and I hope to see some fantastically imaginative ideas in our fourth Class Creation Competition!

Phase I: The Concept

If you're interested in entering the competition, there are plenty of rules we're going to need you to follow. We expect all competitors to read them in full in the submission topic, but to summarize:

  • Your class may not be Death Knight, Monk, or Demon Hunter.
  • Your starting Health for your class is 30 and must be represented by a specific hero.
  • Your basic hero power must cost (2).
  • You must include up to 5 example cards for your class. (Full details in the submission topic)
  • Your class must have a unique keyword (see challenges below).

The Challenges

During a voting phase held last week, we've had the community decide which three challenges all our competitors must use during the class creation competition. These challenges are:

For our first challenge, we want to see that your class can be friends with all sorts of creatures - after all, Deathwing's new friend is going to have to deal with all sorts of fiery rages, so having a great recommendation from a Fire Elemental or Soot Spewer will go a long way towards getting you in.

Deathwing's new friend must also be highly intelligent, so our second challenge is to show off your brains and dazzle us with a fantastic new keyword! You can be as pervasive as Choose One or as picky as Enrage with your keyword, so long as it isn't already in the game.

Finally, Deathwing will want a friend who has traveled all across the land, bringing back tales of adventure and intrigue to keep him occupied and not burning people alive. As such, we'll need to see that each of your example cards comes from a different card set. Standard only, too, nobody wants to hear about those crazy Wild places; you'll be picking from Basic, Classic, TOG, ONiK, MSG, JtU, KFT and KnC.

That's It, Go Enter!

If you've read everything here and you're interested in participating in the class creation competition then head on over to our submission thread to make sure you understand all the little details and then respond back to the post with everything needed for phase 1. We'll be running this competition over the next few months so get ready to go through some long-term fun if you make it through to the many phases to come.

Phase 1 submissions end on January 7th, so you've got just under a week to get those entries in. GOOD LUCK!

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