Idols of Azeroth is This Week's Brawl!

Idols of Azeroth is This Week's Brawl!

Ever draw a spell when you really needed a minion? Never again! Your deck will be 30 Raven Idols, so you'll be able to discover whatever you need!


  • This is the third time we've seen this brawl.
  • The brawl made its original debut on April 20, 2016.
  • The last time we saw this brawl was July 20, 2016.
  • This brawl was featured in the 100th Tavern Brawl.
  • This is the final brawl for 2017.

How it Works

  • Choose a class.
  • You have 30 Raven Idols in your deck. HAVE FUN!

Discuss This Week's Brawl

Head on over to our Brawl Forums to discuss this week's brawl in the dedicated forum thread.


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