Missing Daily Quests? Try Changing Hearthstone's Game Language

Missing Daily Quests? Try Changing Hearthstone's Game Language

Since the last patch, it's been a documented issue that daily quests are not appearing for some players. As frustrating as this has been, there's a simple fix that may work for you. Are you ready for this?

Switch your game language to German.
Or possibly any other language that isn't your default.

Yep. Try switching your language over and after a small patch is applied to your game, you should be able to login and get any daily quests you've missed, up to a maximum of three. Why this works we're not entirely certain, but you get bonus points if you continue playing in German. Everyone needs a bit of angry Hearthstone on occasion!

How to Change Hearthstone's Language

It wouldn't be very helpful if we let you figure this one out on your own since the option is a bit on the hidden side, but its real simple!

  1. Make sure Hearthstone is closed.
  2. On the Hearthstone game panel in your Battle.net Launcher, select the Options dropdown.
  3. Under Options, choose Game Settings.
  4. Under Game Settings, choose German/Deutsch from the Text & Spoken Language dropdown.
  5. Hit Done.
  6. Wait for your client to patch and start up the game!


Didn't Work For You?

Others have stated you may just be able to login and logout a few times to get them to appear.


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