iPad Release Media Event, Fight Night S5E4 Decklists

iPad Release Media Event on April 3rd

Blizzard is holding a media event on April 3rd to show off Hearthstone's iPad final build before the public gets to see it. Attendees will get to try out the iPad version themselves and have a one on one chat with a member of the development team. This media event is being held in the US, but should be quite similar to the one previously held in China (images below).





ESGN's Fight Night - Season 5 Episode 4 Decklists

In today's Fight Night, Team DogeHouse's Artosis and ManaGrind's Chakki faced off in an epic best of five. We won't be spoiling any details from the matches, but if you'd like to watch them, or check out the decklists for yourself, we've got the VoDs and decks available.

It should be noted that it was announced today that Chakki has joined Clarity Gaming. Fight Night is taped a few weeks in advance, so he was still a member of ManaGrind during Season 5. Season 6 though is going into taping soon and will feature ManaGrind vs Clarity Gaming! How interesting!



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