Upcoming Changes to HearthPwn Accounts & Community Card Pack Giveaway

Upcoming Changes to HearthPwn Accounts

Earlier this year, HearthPwn provided users the ability to merge their HearthPwn account with a new or existing Twitch account. With this account merging, we’re able to provide more streamlined account security, faster user support, and an easier log-in process. Additionally, Twitch account merging allows users to take advantage of two-factor authentication if they choose to enable it. Over 88% of Curse users are logging in with Twitch, and we’d now like to move towards maintaining a single user authentication system on HearthPwn.

Starting on December 20th, all users will need to merge their HearthPwn account with a new or existing Twitch account. Merging your account takes less than a minute, and you won’t lose any account data. Your display name, forum posts, and comments won’t be impacted at all. After you’ve merged accounts, you’ll simply log in using your Twitch credentials.

Ready to merge your account? You can do so here.
Still have questions? You can visit our FAQ here or submit a support ticket to request more information.

Community Card Pack Giveaway

To thank our community members for merging their accounts into the new account system, we're giving away Hearthstone Packs!

Interested? It's super easy to enter!

  1. Merge your HearthPwn account into a Twitch account. Be sure to merge before January 3rd!
  2. Leave us a comment down below sharing your favourite moment in Hearthstone.

If you've previously merged your Twitch and HearthPwn accounts, you're a step ahead and only need to leave a comment down below. Twenty lucky community members who complete the above steps will be chosen at random to receive 7 Hearthstone Packs of their choosing from a set which is giftable on the Battle.net shop.

The giveaway ends on January 3rd. After it ends, we'll get in touch with winners via HearthPwn private message to collect your BattleTag and region of play. Winners will have 72 hours to respond to our message before we pick a new one, so don't forget to check back after January 3rd.

Good Luck!


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