Mike Donais Explains the Categories of Hearthstone's Mechanics

Mike Donais Explains the Categories of Hearthstone's Mechanics

Card keywords, or mechanics, are a popular topic when new expansions are announced with discussions flooding in on the Hearthstone team not revisiting mechanics of old. Mike Donais explained on reddit that there's three different categories for mechanics and ones that they may bring back in the future could be tweaked or made more fun. Specifically, a change to Joust was mentioned.

Read his post about it down below and while we're at it:
Which mechanics do you like the best and are there any that you think should make a return?

Quote from Mike Donais

This is a topic we discuss a lot. We have mechanics that fall into 3 categories.

Mechanics we use a lot: Lifesteal, Poisonous, Discover
Mechanics we use sometimes: Played an elemental last turn, Holding a Dragon, Mech build arounds
Mechanics we might bring back: Hero Cards, Joust, Inspire, Adapt, Quests.

The nice thing is if people enjoy a mechanic they will be excited to see how we tweak it when it returns, or how we make it more fun the next time. If I was to bring back Joust for example I would probably make ties win instead of lose.

What mechanics from old sets did you all likes the best? Which ones would you like us to bring back sometime in the future?


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