Hearthstone Live Dev Q&A This Friday, Deck Spotlight: Salvation Warrior

Update 5:41 PM EST: A small patch has gone out in NA to address some bugs. See the patch notes here.

Hearthstone G+ Hangouts Dev Q&A

The Hearthstone developers will be answering community fielded questions this Friday, March 14, on a Google+ Hangout. The event will be available live on the Hearthstone Youtube channel through "Hangouts on Air". We'll have the event embedded here when it's live and will be doing a recap as it happens so don't worry if you can't make it!

Quote from Blizzard

The Hearthstone team answer questions from the community about the beta test.
Tune in to our Google+ Hangout to watch the Q&A and submit your own questions in English using #HearthstoneDay .

We’ve got a seat waiting just for you!

Deck Spotlight: Flood's Salvation Warrior

In today's deck spotlight, we're going to be taking a look at a deck created by one of our community members, Flood! The deck is called Warrior Salvation and is a Midrange style deck. The goal is to outlast rush style decks which are quite common in the current meta, which Flood explains in detail below. For more information, and to view the deckpage itself, head on over to Salvation Warrior!

Quote from Flood

The Main concept of the deck is to outlast aggressive decks, kill there early minions and gain huge advantage with the low costing removal. There are also many combos in the the deck with Whirlwind, Acolyte of Pain, Armor Smith, and Frothing Berserker, this makes the deck have such a strong Mid-Game potential crushing aggressive decks and can even end up being more aggressive.

Salvation Warrior (Deleting in 1 Hour)
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