Golden Heroes Coming Soon!

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Golden Heroes Coming Soon!

Blizzard posted some previews of the Golden Heroes which will be available in the next patch! Check out the images below and if you'd like to see the animations, there's a video too!

Golden heroes will be animated, and their hero power borders will be changed to gold. Unlocking golden heroes will require 500 ranked wins with that hero; Wins will only count if they are obtained after the next patch.



Quote from Aratil

 Golden Heroes are coming soon to Hearthstone! With the next patch, when you hit 500 wins in Ranked Play mode with any given Hero, that particular Hero will become golden permanently! Golden Heroes gain cool, unique animations to their portrait and Hero Power. You can track your progress with any given Hero quickly and easily on the deck selection screen in Ranked Play mode. Look forward to gilding all of your Heroes in the finest of metals soon!

See the Golden Heroes here.

See a video with animated Golden Heroes here.




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