Hearthstone Beta Test is Coming to an End

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The Hearthstone Beta is Coming to an End

Rynundu, a member of the EU Community Team, posted a reminder on the German Hearthstone forum for everyone to get their golden Gelbin Mekkatorque before it is too late. There is no announced day for the end of the beta test, but it is definitely soon! Check out the translated announcement and original below.

Quote from Blizzard

We’re drawing near to the end of the beta test of Hearthstone! We wanted to remind you that Golden Gelbin Mekkatorque, illustrious gnomish engineer and reward for helping us test our in-game shop, will no longer be available once the game is released. 

In order to get your hands on this card for your Hearthstone collection, simply purchase an Arena entry or pack of cards from our in-game shop during the beta, and Golden Gelbin Mekkatorque will automatically be added to your collection. It’s that easy! 

Once Hearthstone is released, you can still craft the non-Gold version of Gelbin Mekkatorque using Arcane Dust.

Grab this gilded gnome today, before he’s gone for good!

Zeriyah Responds

Quote from Zeriyah

How close to the end of the beta are we? Don't need an exact date, because I know that would be horrendous, but is this a matter of days or weeks or months?
I can't say exactly, but it is soon. Not months. 

Does this achievement double for the Hearthsteed too? any word on the WOW mount?
We have not made any announcements regarding the Hearthsteed. This only affects Golden Gelbin Mekkatorque.

If launch is on the horizon, does that mean all the bugs that've been around for months will finally be fixed?
We plan on a large patch with the release of the game that addresses many of the bugs players have been experiencing.

That means that [Gelbin Mekkatorque] will dissappear from my collection? Because i have it..Or i will keep it?
Golden Gelbin Mekkatorque is only available to acquire during the beta testing phase of Hearthstone by making a real money purchase from the in-game shop. Once you get him, he is yours forever. Non-golden Gelbin Mekkatorque will be available to craft with Arcane Dust. 

Oh, any word on whether or not this means the iPad version will also be "not months" away, or is that a completely separate release?
iPad is considered a separate release.

Will the patch that you mentioned in this thread earlier also contain balancing of cards? 
We'll have a full write-up of what is contained within the patch on patch day, but we're also planning on posting something up here on the forums that'll spark some discussion in the community before that. Stay tuned.




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