Vote for Community Created Referential Cards

Vote for Community Created Referential Cards

It's that time again - time to vote for a winner in our weekly card design competition!

Competition-Specific Restrictions:

This Week's Finalists

Out of 180 entries, we've narrowed it down to 20 of the community's favourites. Check out the finalists below and then head on over to the final poll to vote, vote, vote!

by  DemonicPlushie

by  MyotisX

by  xdelta1337

by  Livienna

by  Lord_Molyb

by  Schukala

by  Lathy

by  MrUncreative

by  Lostinplaces

by  Demonxz95

by  YJHS2000

by  Fortify

by  TomBTomB

by  jmo101

by  Maldoni

by  nurgling13

by  DuhmyNate

by  ihascorm

by  turnip_song

by  Dracossack


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