The Tavern is Getting Spooky - Hallow's End Has Begun!

The Tavern is Getting Spooky - Hallow's End Has Begun!

Pumpkins! Arena! A Brawl tomorrow! Board updates! Free packs! Free runs! More next week! Exclamation mark!

The event is live worldwide as of Noon EDT. Get them arena runs in!



Themed Gameboards

All the basic gameboards have been updated for Hallow's End.


What to Expect

Several things are happening during Hallow's End. The event runs from October 24 through November 6.

  • The tavern, and some game boards, have been updated to feature spooky decorations.
  • Each week, you get a free card pack and an arena run.
    • Week 1 gives you two Old Gods packs starting on Oct 24.
    • Week 2 gives you two Frozen Thrones pack starting on Oct 31.
  • The arena is using a new game mode called dual class.
    • Start things off by picking your hero.
    • Pick your hero power next - it's from a different hero!
    • Cards during the draft phase can be neutral or from either of your two classes.
  • The Headless Horseman has his own brawl starting tomorrow, Wednesday.
    • You'll get to pick a costume which selects the deck you get to play.


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