Up for a Challenge, Free to Play, or New to Hearthstone? Go Plebstone!

Up for a Challenge, Free to Play, or New to Hearthstone? Go Plebstone!

If you fit any of the scenarios above, you've come to the right place! LOKShadow has a challenge for the community this month called Plebstone in which you try and use decks that anyone should be able to craft within a few days of playing Hearthstone. The idea is to come together and craft some great decks to not only help make the game more accessible, but to also get out of your comfort zone and have some fun.

If you're looking for Plebstone decks, hit up our deck page for Plebstone.

The Deckbuilding Challenge

  • Your deck is only allowed to contain basic or common cards.
  • You may not include cards from Hearthstone's Adventures.
  • Cards from Karazhan's Prologue (Enchanted Raven & Firelands Portal) may be included since it is currently free.
  • Be able to reach at least rank 5 with the deck through practice. (Not a hard requirement, but a good goal!)

Starter Decks

LOKShadow has issued the challenge and with it has included some decks of his own.

Build and Share your Plebstone Decks!

Are you up to the challenge? Build a deck, keep track of your winrate, and try and go as far as you can with it. Once you've play-tested it:

  • Upload the deck to HearthPwn via our Deckbuilder.
  • Write up a guide (even short is good!) including info on how to play the deck, possible higher dust replacements, and your rank.
  • Add Plebstone to the name of your deck. It makes it easy to find!
  • Share it in the comments or the Plebstone forum post.

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