Smuggling the Good Stuff - Handbuff Paladin with StanCifka

Smuggling the Good Stuff - Handbuff Paladin with StanCifka

Stan is back with another deck guide to teach you how to better yourself at Hearthstone. Today we're getting insight into a Handbuff Paladin deck, a deck which makes heavy use of cards from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion and has some great new options thanks to Knights of the Frozen Throne.

The dust cost of this beast may scare you at first, but there's a lot of familiar faces so you may already have most of the tools you need in order to pilot this effectively. If not, there are a couple of tweaks available in the guide.

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General Gameplan

This deck is capable of creating a wide board with some big minions very soon, which you do thanks to abusing all the possible buffs. It is also the best core for Prince Keleseth himself, as you get much more of his ability then the normal deck.

However, you really need to work on your sequencing, this deck is not trying to play Curvestone as you know it. Instead you often don’t play your minions for a while, just setting up your hand with buffs and Sword of Justice. Once you are ready to go, you just slam your huge minions on turn 4 or 5, creating a massive board and taking control of the game from there.

The Deck

Check out the deck below and make sure you head on over to the guide!

Stancifka's Handbuff Paladin
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Discussion and Gameplay

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