Hearthstone is Home: Meet the Characters of Hearthstone

Hearthstone is Home: Meet the Characters of Hearthstone

Back during Gamescom, the Hearthstone team unveiled a new animated short titled Hearth and Home. This short introduced a few characters that hang around in the Inn as a way of expanding upon a story of sorts for Hearthstone. We now know the names of all these notable characters thanks to a new site that's gone up - Hearthstone is Home.

On the site you can take a quiz to find out which character you're more like; if that's your thing. Check out all the characters below and their descriptions.

Hearthstone's Characters

Six new characters have been introduced! The original two were the Innkeeper and mouse we recently found out the name of, Sarge.

  • Harth Stonebrew - The Tavern’s jolly dwarven proprietor is a welcoming and gracious host.
  • Ava - A curious teenage girl with an indomitable, resilient spirit and a knack for Hearthstone.
  • Malto - This kindly old mage is a source of wisdom and encouragement.
  • Lou - A boisterous, happy-go-lucky paladin with a positive attitude. The life of the party.
  • Fewz and Wick - These goblin brothers provide thrilling commentary for the Tavern’s most heated Hearthstone matches.
  • Velaris - This snooty blood elf’s card collection is dwarfed only by the size of his ego.



What stories will these characters share with us? Only time will tell! These are the descriptions written for each character, as if you were being compared to one of them.

Quote from Hearth is Home

Harth, the Innkeeper

You’re most like Harth Stonebrew, the Innkeeper! Your cheerful nature and inclusive attitude make everyone feel right at home everywhere you go. Along with your jolly spirit, though, there’s a bit of mystery—just how do you keep that Tavern fire roaring, imbuing all those around with such ceaseless joy? Is there . . . maybe . . . some magic to it? Anyway, who cares as long as everyone is having a great time?

Ava, the Worthy Opponent

You are Ava, the newest arrival to the Tavern! You’re curious about everything—and everyone—around you, and you take everything in with eyes full of wonder. While the Tavern’s patrons aren’t quite sure where you’ve come from, they want to welcome you with open arms. Your resilience and curiosity will take you far, your openness will allow you to connect with people, and your excellent judgment will clue you in on who to avoid. Just don’t let go of your sense of wonder. It’ll come in handy.

Malto, the Mentor

You are most like Malto the Mentor! You’re like a quirky scientist mixed with a quirky wizard mixed with a quirky candy store owner. You’re . . . quirky. You’ve been around the Tavern so long that no one remembers it without you—not even the Innkeeper. With time comes experience, and you are indeed one of the toughest players to beat. Your agelessness means you’ve got lots of wisdom, and you’re a talented deck builder who takes special pleasure in reminding Velaris just how good you are at Hearthstone.

Lou, the Magnificent

You are the most like Lou, the Magnificent! You are the life of the party—any table you pull a chair up to instantly becomes a hundred times cooler. Don’t worry if someone doesn’t want to be your best friend the moment they meet you; try to understand that they’re probably envious of your gorgeous flowing locks and rippling muscles. They’ll be tripping over themselves to support you on your next adventure in no time.

Fewz and Wick, the Instigators

You are Fewz and Wick: the Instigators! OK, we get it: it’s hard being two different people. You’re fast-talking and witty, or maybe you’re slow-talking and . . . less witty. Despite your short stature, you’ve carved out a large and invaluable space for yourself in the Tavern, keeping track of the competition and making sure everyone is happy. You’ll keep maintaining the peace, at least until you’ve finally saved up enough gold to get the heck out of here.

Velaris, the Highbrow

You are the most like Velaris, the Highbrow! You are the richest and most successful person in the tavern—and quite possibly the world—and you’re not afraid to show it. Who needs false modesty when everyone already knows that you’re the best at everything ever, but especially Hearthstone? You can beat any challenger and make them feel extremely jealous of all your golden cards in the process. It’s not your fault the others don’t have what you have!

Hearth and Home - Animated Short

Miss the short? Check it out below!


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