Get Free Frozen Throne Card Packs - Choose Your Champion Returns for the Global Games

Choose Your Champion Returns for the Hearthstone Global Games

Free card packs return to the esports scene via another Choose Your Champion! This time we're choosing one of the countries left in the Global Games.

  • Head on over to the Choose Your Champion site.
  • You get one free card pack just for choosing a champion. You'd be silly not to!
  • Each time your champion advances in the bracket, you earn one more card pack.
  • At most, you can earn 2 card packs from this promotion.
  • Voting closes on August 23 at 11:59 p.m. PDT!
  • Card packs will be delivered digitally at a later date.

The Global Games begin on August 25th at 9 AM EDT (6 AM PDT, 3 PM CEST). We'll have coverage of the event so stay tuned!

Remaining Teams

There are four teams remaining in the Global Games.

  • United States of America
  • Czech Republic
  • South Korea
  • Ukraine

Choose Your Champion Now!

Go on, click the banner below to head on over to the site to choose that champion!


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