HearthPwn's Expansion Creation Competition - Vote For Your Phase IV Favs!

HearthPwn's Expansion Creation Competition

Our Expansion Creation Competition has been ongoing these past few weeks while card reveals were happening and now we're down to the second to last phase! This phase required each contestant to create twenty-one cards, seven each for three of their remaining classes.

Due to context being very important for this competition, we can't list everyone's entries here and instead ask you to head on over to the voting thread. Once you're on the voting thread, you will find example cards from each expansion and a link to the full post for each contestant with all the information you will need to make a decision.

We ask that you take your time when reviewing everyone's entries and give everyone a vote that you feels deserves it. Only four expansions will move on to our Grand Finale, make those votes count!

Thank you for your assistance!


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