The Trump Theorycraft Train to Knights of the Frozen Throne

The Trump Theorycraft Train to Knights of the Frozen Throne

The self-proclaimed Mayor of Value Town has been up to his usual post-reveal theorycraft now that the entire Frozen Throne set is out in the wild, and oh boy does he have some ideas. Below you can find all of Trump's creations. It sure will be interesting to see if any of them can go further than his Old Gods C'Thun Druid!

Spotlight: EZ Big EZ Jade

A take on Jade / Ramp Druid for Frozen Throne. Give yourself plenty of extra mana crystals, survive, and go to town with huge hitters. Let's take a look at the new cards that are joining the roster.

Spreading Plague

A great anti-aggro card! Will easily help you to sustain yourself from the mid-game to ensure you'll get to play some of those powerhouses. Why was this printed again?

Malfurion the Pestilent

Control Powerhouse. The best friend of Fandral Staghelm, another card residing in the deck. If you can pull the combo off, it's some easy board control for you. No combo? No problem! Bringing out Fandral later still works with the Plague Lord hero power for excellent control. He's also a bit cheaper than other heroes, which is a huge plus.

Ultimate Infestation

Five fives for five plus five! The card is seriously insane and if it doesn't end up being an auto-include in most Druid decks, it's probably been nerfed by Blizzard. What's not to love about stupid amounts of value?

The Lich King

Do we even need to mention this dude? The Lich King has been forecasted as an auto-include for a lot of decks due to the insane value of the cards he spawns. There are a couple of Death Knight cards that aren't the best, but he's too good to pass up. Learn more about the Death Knight tokens on his card page.

EZ Big EZ Jade
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Spotlight: Corpsetaker Control Paladin

Upgraded Control Paladin! Onward to see the new Frozen Throne cards being used in the deck.

Chillblade Champion

Honestly not entirely sure if this is the best card for the slot, and the community is pretty evenly split about this being playable or bad, but it does help us ensure we can give Lifesteal to our Corpsetaker! It's guaranteed to give us health back, so that's nice.


We're already making use of most of these keywords in the deck which means you're on point for a trip to Value Town! Running a couple of these guys is pretty much just adding two extra Wickerflame Burnbristle into your deck.

Do note however that you only get the effects provided that they're still in your deck. Your hand or discard pile do not count.

Uther of the Ebon Blade

Uther is a strong independent Death Knight who don't need no Tirion Fordring (please excuse his inclusion in this deck). Effectively giving you 20 health, DK Uther will be able to help you trade efficiently into the opponent and if you can manage the control game very well, you can end up with the four horsemen on your side for an automatic win. What a fun card this is going to be!

The Lich King

Refer to the deck above where we mentioned The Lich King.

Corpsetaker Control
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All The Decks!

In total, we've got 14 theorycrafted Frozen Throne decks from Trump. Do you have any awesome ideas for new decks?

Deck Cost
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - EZ Big EZ Jade 9120
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Corpsetaker Control 14520
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Classic Control 10320
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Overload Control 8920
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Penguin OTK 14380
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Handbuff 10860
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Miracle 12920
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Greedy Control 11380
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Slower Midrange 5220
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Glacial Secrets 3540
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Elemental 7700
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Quest 7620
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Divine Shield Aggro 6260
 Trump's Frozen Throne Theorycraft - Prince Zoo 5440


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