Hearthstone Haikus, Jotto's Tournament Review, Legends of Hearthstone - BS3W1

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Hearthstone Haikus

Tonight blue spotted
Internet wrote epic poems
Everyone happy

Can you write a better Haiku? Post yours in the comments to show us your skills!

Quote from Zeriyah

Sacrificial Pact
Kills any demon on sight
Even Jaraxxus

Ragnaros smolders
Behold, the Lord of Fire!
Adorable sheep

Ysera draws cards
Calling forth aid from the Dream
Often late to work

Here on the forums
Swap "OP" with "Marshmallows"
Now hilarious

Jotto's Tournament Review #15

ManaGrind's Jotto has written up his weekly review on last weekend's North American and European tournaments. If you're competing in this weekend's events, make sure you read his article so you are prepared. Good luck this weekend!

Legends of Hearthstone: Beta Season 3 Week 1

The first week of beta season 3 is over, and Blizzard has released the Top 100 ranked players. Congratulations to everyone who made it!

Please note that this list only includes players who are currently at Legend rank. If not enough players are at Legend rank to display here, this list will display the top ranked Legend players as well as other top Ranked Play players in order of stars accumulated. This data is up-to-date as of February 6th, 2014.

North America Europe
ErA 1 GhettoKid
Giraffe 2 Kalle  
Ksapa 3 oRioN
8 LuigEzz 4 Wandal
WeedWizard 5 Spo 41
TidesofTime 6 DrEaX 43
mitjdw 7 Dalok
SnipedAgain 8 Kunzi
3 paradise 9 Viffor
3 StrifeCro 10 Shakalets
50 NiggySmalls 11 julsn
Daniel 12 Montano
TMNTWEBB 13 Xixo 59
7 Savjz 14 Caine
Jesse 15 ReWinDTV
Kungen 16 Kolento 5
dengxu 17 Nighthavk
Badhorse 18 Thalai
TreebornFrog 19 rajta 74
Ðart 20 Dodje
Kajiura 21 aggeeinn
22 Vinny 22 Necx 10
13 kitkatz 23 Yliajo 13
BoLiN 24 Nylaxina
47 Gyll 25 WIproto
7 Vylo 26 Prot
Excellent 27 Olinho 58
joidvivr 28 Mossee 2
31 Alchemixt 29 tjenatjena
Mazer 30 Night
ballerwizard 31 zhen1394
Razarz 32 DryKillLogic
Bobthetroll 33 Kolori
Armors 34 Gravesh 20
CountChocula 35 Inthedark
58 Futna 36 Schmiddy
WaningMoon 37 Nvx
AznRyoga 38 Des
Razor 39 Sorriz
kalisti 40 TheDna
apDrop 41 Tazdingo
waitinthecar 42 Furisyo
vitamindps 43 Ostkaka 34
Sqlut 44 Nepho  
Puffins 45 Cyclone
43 bma 46 FoxTheFeared
hyped 47 Miki
42 Riesig 48 Bibilicious 8
rain 49 Bnetplayer
13 Reu 50 Karlis 4
13 Zaun 51 Bostock
50 Bowles 52 Segismundo 51
Kingof2v1 53 TUGIS
4 Heartbeat 54 Alexitou
Farmacist 55 JLHEnt 14
  Draven 56 cecicup
Zonimi 57 kaei
Zoombuh 58 taey
MensaRaptor 59 Bob
Bradish 60 Innerlol
Cleverness 61 Housenka
Derekana 62 Seyfert
Storm 63 Scratch
Macdog225 64 borgiqta
AtsuenArashi 65 Skunkzy 18
robbodog 66 Ekop 55
Ang3lic 67 Rutututu
Gungap 68 max
Kurum 69 Tjene
19 Eternity 70 Ignite
Leonardo 71 Milithium
Jodox 72 Twi
47 chalobisbal 73 Moldran
Abaporu 74 Badbringer
sfa 75 Numberguy
Marduk 76 Relix
Yamafuda 77 Enemy
bielK 78 Gr4Fi
brainboy7700 79 Tinyearl
gooben 80 Darkwonyx 21
JaGER 81 Cicak 33
AlexAD 82 Thanatos
meltdown 83 blabla
mburke005 84 ManuS
PolishKing 85 SensoR 78
70 Daggermouth 86 Nirvana
Tesuji 87 ryo 1
53 Xavier 88 NabUttE
Craven 89 TikkiTavi 37
40 Bete 90 Logi
Jubie 91 solow
button 92 Phenom
DasKlumpital 93 Kaor
Faction 94 Pichenci
17 Sender 95 Zeroxv
Puffy 96 scarrr 78
Catnis 97 Микри
robotgossip 98 Criostasi
Brad 99 Hurricane
thegwalls 100 Twixzorz

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