Prince Taldaram - The HearthPwn Frozen Throne Card Reveal

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Prince Taldaram - Frozen Throne Card Reveal

You now stand upon the hallowed ground of the Scourge, adventurers. Come on in, I have a surprise for you.
Today is a special day, one that I have been long preparing for. Are you ready to witness the power of the Lich King?
You may have bested him in Utgarde Keep, but it is now time that Prince Keleseth serves me once more in death. Arise.
This power. It’s beyond imaginable. The goons and I will certainly get along now.
The fun continues, heroes. This prince knows no setbacks and his power shall create many combinations. Arise, and accept my gift, Prince Taldaram.
My great return! You may have bested me in Old Kingdom, but I have long hungered to feast on your remains.

Prince Taldaram


Why make new friends when you can clone your old ones? Try it out with Malygos, a late-game Leeroy Jenkins charge-fest, or a good ol’ Prophet Velen.

The Darkfallen

Prince Taldaram is Darkfallen. The Darkfallen are a race of Undead Blood Elves that are in service to the scourge. And yes, they’re totally vampires.

From WoW: TCG

Prince Taldaram appeared in the WoW Trading Card Game Ice Crown Citadel Raid as a 5/5 Scourge Ally. Upon being summoned, put his other prince friends into play.

It Was Merely a Setback!

Kael’thas’ failed assault against the Lich King saw some of his greatest followers slaughtered and turned into Darkfallen. Don’t worry Kael’thas, you’ve got him next time.
Now, Prince Valanar of Naxxanar, you too shall -- Oh, this is unfortunate, would you look at the time. It would appear I’m late for my next reveal! Disappointed? Here, have one of my world famous Ice Cream cones.
It is not yet your time to serve the Lich King. Yes, a greater destiny awaits you. Power… You must become more powerful before you are to serve me. Power that you can gain through pre-ordering Knights of the Frozen Throne!


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