Mike Donais Talks Frozen Throne - Undead Tribe, Hero Powers, Build-a-Beast as a Spell?

Mike Donais Talks Frozen Throne - Undead Tribe, Build-a-Beast Spell, Hero Powers

Mike Minotti of GamesBeat got a chance to speak with Mike Donais about the new expansion and Donais had quite a few interesting things to say. Here's everything that we learned!

Frozen Throne

  • The idea for a Lich King expansion has been one the team has had before launch.
  • They're not excited about trying to make brand new classes due to it clashing with their philosophy behind class identity.
  • Warlocks are getting some cool cards but they have to be careful.
  • Warlocks have been strong since the start of Hearthstone with the exception of Un'Goro so they may need to slowly give them more power over multiple sets.
  • The only characters reappearing as new cards during the set are the hero cards. This won't be an Old Gods corrupted-minions-fest.

Undead Tribe

  • Mike Donais could see an Undead tribe added in the future. "I don’t think there are too many disadvantages".
  • One reason why we didn't see an Undead tribe for Frozen Throne was due to them just adding a new tribe in Un'Goro.

Hero Powers

  • The Build-A-Beast Hero Power was originally a spell in the set.
  • The new Death Knight Hero Powers were what they spent the most time on. Rexxar saw "maybe 10" iterations.
  • An early Hero Power from DK Rexxar was 5/5 beasts summoned for each beast that died that turn.
  • Another version of the Hero Power saw an N'Zoth-style effect where beasts which died that game were re-summoned.

Learn More About Knights of the Frozen Throne

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