Exactly How the Upcoming Legendary Drop Changes Will Work

Exactly How the Upcoming Legendary Drop Changes Will Work

We're getting closer to the next Hearthstone expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, and with the launch of the expansion we're going to have some very welcome changes to how Legendary cards will be dropping from card packs. Due to some confusion out there about exactly how this will work, and a recent update on it from Daxxarri, it seems like a good time to go over it.

How Legendary Drops Will Work

The following will only be true AFTER the Knights of the Frozen Throne patch goes live. This will happen sometime in August.

You will no longer receive duplicate Legendary cards.

  • If a specific Legendary is in your collection, it will not drop again from packs until you've acquired all the legendaries from that same set.
  • Golden cards and Normal cards are considered the same for the purposes of this feature.
  • Disenchanting a Legendary removes it from your collection which allows it to once again be found in packs. Ew.
  • No longer do we need to feel bad about crafting a Legendary and then immediately after opening it up from a pack. Woot!

You will receive a guaranteed Legendary within the first 10 card packs opened of a new set.

  • This will remain the case long after an expansion has come out. Great for new players or players who have been absent from the game.
  • Players who have opened 1 or more packs from a specific set prior to the change going live will not receive this bonus for that set.

Completing the Frozen Throne Prologue gets you a Death Knight Legendary.

  • Upon completion of the Prologue, you will receive a random Death Knight Legendary card.
  • This Legendary uses the same no dupes rule that is described above.
  • We don't know if future expansions will do something similar through their mission content, but it would be cool.

The Starter Pack Legendary follows the non-dupe rule too!

  • The Classic Legendary card you get from the starter pack won't be a duplicate.
  • If you own all the Classic class legendaries though, you will get a dupe.
  • This is sourced from Yong Woo on twitter.

Our Recommendations

  • Don't open any card packs you obtain from now until the expansion. This is because before the expansion goes live, you're still able to obtain duplicate legendaries and that would be sad.
  • Hit up the weekly brawl to get that classic pack. It will help put a dent into that pity timer!
  • Save your gold. If you aren't already saving your gold, it's not too late to start. A few Icecrown packs will be good to go.
  • When the Frost Festival begins, play arena! You're going to get a free run each week during the Frost Festival. This will give you Un'Goro packs and an Icecrown pack.
  • Use Amazon Coins to Save on Card Packs! You can buy packs at a discount with the currency provided you have an Android device that can launch Hearthstone.

Recent Updates

Quote from Daxxarri

Unfortunately, no. If you've opened any packs of a set before the change goes live, you won't receive a Legendary in your first 10 packs.

However, you will get that legendary for any new sets that come out, and for any sets that you never acquired any packs for.


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