DreamHack Valencia 2017 Results, Top 16 Decks, and VODs

DreamHack Valencia 2017 Results, Decks, and VODs

Over the past few days, the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix continued with the Valencia event. We've got info on the event including full deck lists below.

Next week, the Grand Prix continues with an event in Atlanta, Georgia which runs from July 21 to July 23. Stay tuned for more information! Now, let's go over those promised results, decks, and vods.


Your DreamHack Valencia 2017 Champion is HariSeldon who goes home with $7500 USD and 15 HCT Points!


Here's all the decks and stats from the top 16 at DreamHack Valencia. Please note that only two on Tyler's decks were provided.

Decks Class Breakdown

Decks Archetype Breakdown

Most Popular Legendaries

In 26 Decks of 62

In 18 Decks of 62

In 12 Decks of 62

In 11 Decks of 62

In 10 Decks of 62

In 9 Decks of 62

In 9 Decks of 62

In 8 Decks of 62

Most Popular Epics

In 19 Decks of 62

In 10 Decks of 62

In 10 Decks of 62

In 10 Decks of 62

Most Popular Rares

In 28 Decks of 62

In 16 Decks of 62

In 14 Decks of 62

In 13 Decks of 62

The Deck Lists


Video titles may not be correct, but the content is!

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