The Un'Goro T-Shirt Twitter Giveaway - Guess Hearthstone's Next Expansion

Notice: This Giveaway is only for those in the United States. We know this sucks, but those are the rules this time around.

The Un'Goro T-Shirt Twitter Giveaway

Our friends at Blizzard Gear have given us 20 of their most excellent Un'Goro Tees to giveaway! Interested in one of these piecees of epic swag to take on your final adventures in Un'Goro? It's super easy to enter, just check out the instructions and what you're looking to get below.

How to Enter

Entry is super easy provided you have a Twitter account. Its also important that we note the giveaway is for those in the United States only. The shirts can only be shipped within the US, so if you don't have a US address, you won't be able to win.

  • Give us a follow @HearthPwn. This will help you get notified of the latest Hearthstone news and those super important card reveals that are coming soon!
  • Send us a tweet stating what you think the next expansion will be. Include the hashtag #HSExpansion

Click me to Tweet!

The Swag

You'll get to choose the shirt in either Mens or Womens sizes. You can click the images below to check the shirts out on the Blizzard Gear website.


Picking Winners

Interested in how we're going to be picking winners and handing out the prizes? Here's the details!

  • Winners will be randomly selected from the pool of valid tweets made before the new expansion reveal at 10 PM EDT on Thursday, July 6.
  • Randomly selected winners must be following @HearthPwn and have a tweet that follows the rules.
  • You don't have to get the expansion name or theme correct to win.
  • Winners will be contacted via Direct Message on Twitter.
  • If a winner doesn't respond to our Direct Message within 48 hours, we will pick a new one.

A Note About Comments

Please do not leave a comment on this news post trying to enter the giveaway. You can only enter by following the above instructions which makes use of Twitter. Comments made here on HearthPwn will not be valid! With that said, you're more than welcome to post your predictions here too, just know it won't be eligible for a win nor will it give you extra entries.


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