Khadgar Returns as a Heroes of the Storm Promotional Reward.. in China

Khadgar Returns as a Heroes of the Storm Promotional Reward.. in China

I bet you got really excited there for a second!

Khadgar, the alternate Mage hero that was introduced just over a year ago through an iOS World Wildlife Fund promotion has returned! That is of course assuming you're playing on the right server but hey, at least it doesn't require owning an Apple device!

This is the second alternate Hero that has returned in a fresh promotion, the first being Tyrande back in January for Southeast Asia.

Obtaining Khadgar

This time around, Khadgar is only available to players in China via a promotion for another Blizzard title, Heroes of the Storm.

Khadgar will be given out for free to players in China that win 5 games in Heroes of the Storm with a friend. This promotion will last one month and will run from June 30 until July 31.

Original Availability

Khadgar was originally not available in China during the promotion in April 2016, so this is the first time the region will get to play as him. It was stated at that time he would show up after the promotion ended for players on that server at a time and method yet to be determined.

Khadgar's Return Worldwide?

We don't know if this promotion is going to be extended to any other regions right now, but it certainly would be nice! Back in our original post for Khadgar, we asked everyone if they thought Blizzard should release more Heroes on only one platform. In a totally surprising response, almost 85% of the 73,197 respondents said no.

Now we ask, should Khadgar make his return?

Khadgar - Hero Music

Khadgar - Emotes & Effects

Khadgar - Quick In-Game Preview


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