8 Awesome Hearthstone Card and Hero Interactions

In Hearthstone, you'll sometimes find extra interactions between heroes and cards that add a little spice to the gameplay, all while calling back to important bits of World of Warcraft lore. Here's a list of some of the coolest card and hero interactions.

Fandral vs. Tyrande

1. Fandral Staghelm vs. Tyrande Whisperwind

Even though Tyrande Whisperwind is the leader of the kaldorei, not everyone in Teldrassil agrees with the way she runs things. Fandral Staghelm is one of those malcontents. Before the corruption in the Emerald Nightmare drove him to madness, Fandral was the Archdruid of Teldrassil. He often clashed with Tyrande over the choices she made for the night elves, resulting in him saying this when summoned against her.

Even after becoming Ragnaros’s right hand druid, he’s still salty about that one job he didn’t get.


Vol'jin vs. Hellscream

2. Vol’jin vs. Garrosh Hellscream

Vol'jin, faction leader of the trolls, has some choice words for Garrosh Hellscream - one leader to another.

The troll leader’s taunt is some well-earned salt on Garrosh’s wounded pride, with the orc having lost the title of Warchief to Vol’jin after a failed assassination attempt. Good thing Vol’jin’s a priest card; Garrosh is going to need some healing to deal with that righteous burn.


Bloodhoof vs Hellscream

3. Cairne Bloodhooof vs. Garrosh Hellscream

Garrosh Hellscream has a history of pissing people off, so the taunts don’t stop coming. The former warchief has the singular talent of annoying the people who should be his allies - like Cairne Bloodhoof. Similar to Vol’jin, the tauren leader grew increasingly tired of Garrosh’s reckless warmongering - but unlike Vol’jin, Cairne decided to put his money where his snout was.

The tauren chieftain challenged Garrosh to a duel, which he ultimately lost due to Garrosh’s treachery in the form of a poisoned Gorehowl.


Varian vs. Anduin

4. Varian Wrynn vs. Anduin Wrynn

Who says Hearthstone has to only be about fighting? The game gives us some sweet moments occasionally. Take the interaction between warrior legendary Varian Wrynn and his son, the priest hero, Anduin.

Varian takes a moment to recognize his son’s growth and talent as a fighter. Long gone are the days when the child would hide behind Bolvar Fordragon whenever the Horde came knocking at Stormwind’s gate. But the tender father/son moment doesn’t last too long; Varian summons minions that promptly get to work on Anduin’s life total. So much for family bonding.


Illidan vs. Malfurion

5. Illidan Stormrage vs. Malfurion Stormrage

Tender family moments that end in violence don’t stop there. If you decide to stuff your deck with neutral legendary Illidan Stormrage and then encounter the druid hero Malfurion Stormrage, you'll hear a unique interaction between the two.

Illidan is a bit passive aggressive towards his brother, which is a nice change of pace from the usual...aggression. Illidan’s still upset about that time his brother exiled him, had him imprisoned, and stole his girlfriend Tyrande Whisperwind. Illidan has a lot to be upset about.


 Finley Mrrgglton vs. Morgl the Oracle

6. Sir Finley Mrrgglton vs. Morgl the Oracle

Sir Finley Mrrgglton (How did he get knighted? How does this work?) is a League of Explorers card and one of the many murloc legendaries. Here's what happens with Sir Finley encounters the shaman hero Morgl the Oracle.

What I want to know is, how do they know each other? Did they go to the same murloc university? Clan mates? Brothers from another murloc? I want answers.


Brann Bronzebeard vs Magni Bronzebeard

7. Brann Bronzebeard vs. Magni Bronzebeard

Here’s a slightly healthier brotherly interaction featuring Brann Bronzebeard and the warrior hero Magni Bronzebeard.

The dialogue is likely a reference to the third Bronzebeard’s wanderlust ways, as the dwarf can never stay put. Muradin is the Bronzebeard brother without the burden of Magni’s kingship nor Bran’s burden of hunting the beasts of Azeroth, Outland, Northrend, and so on.


Wilfred Fizzlebang vs. Jaraxxus

8. Wilfred Fizzlebang vs. Lord Jaraxxus

If you played the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, you could probably recite this exchange from memory. During the Argent Tournament raid, Wilfred Fizzlebang attempts to conjure an enemy that will challenge the tournament combatants. However, the summoning spell doesn’t turn out as planned, so when you play the gnome legendary against a Lord Jaraxxus-ified hero this happens.

Sadly, the trifling gnome’s arrogance ends up being his undoing.


There are plenty of other awesome card and hero interactions in the game. Which ones are your favorite?


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