The Number One Card Design Competition

The Number One Card Design Competition

Season 5 of our Card Design Competitions continues! This week, we're designing cards which must have the number 1 in their effect text.

One For All - Season 5 Competition #20

This weeks theme comes from TheProgenitor, whose "The Great Heist" was the winner of our "Three Card Monte" competition. 

Competition-Specific Restrictions:

  • Your card must have the number "1" in its effect text somewhere. Keeping it simple for the sendoff!
    • Note that the word "One" doesn't count - so no trying to sneak in with otherwise illegal Choose One cards.
    • We also won't be accepting numbers that happen to contain "1" - no Alexstraszas with 15s or Klaxxi Amber-Weavers with 10s please! We're looking specifically for the number "1".
  • Some examples - Dr. Boom, Wisps of the Old Gods, Elven Archer, Hunter's Mark

Submit Your Card Design Today!

Head on over to the submission thread to read the rules and submit your entry. Also be sure to check out this week's discussion thread.

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