Top Standard and Wild Decks of the Week for May 14

Top Standard and Wild Decks of the Week for May 14

Who made it to the top this week? Well if you check out our listings below, you can find both the top 10 Standard and top 10 Wild decks from this past week here on HearthPwn.

Top Standard Decks

Deck Author Cost
 Silence Priest danielschwartz22 2600
 Curator Paladin Pokrovac 12320
 Tempo Secret Mage Snuxi 3060
 Aggrolock Fayrises 3260
 Aggro Hunter Makabi 2800
 Evolve Shaman Kaalek 4160
 Midrange Hunter Makabi 1940
 Aggro Murloc Paladin Tholwmenos 8140
 In-Depth Hybrid Hunter HSwithTandZ 2160
 Value-Control Mage PrinceOberyn77 8060

Top Wild Decks

Deck Author Cost
 How to make a Wild Deck sipiwi94 7260
 Wild Combo Priest ReadyRHUN 3280
 Jade Control shaman ColdStory 8440
 Midrange Secretdin dabielos 8320
 Multiquest Priest rickygiove 14340
 Crystal N'Zoth Rogue icameron1 7600
 Murloc Pally nevhoki 13440
 Control Warrior Hexenbiest 9280
 Silver Hand Paladin FatSasquatch 8660
 Token/Aggro Druid SirMagic101 4700
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