CN vs EU, Who Will Take Home The Ferrari?

CN vs EU, Who Will Take Home The Ferrari?

Starting May 4th at 12:00 CEST and spanning eleven days, another China vs. Europe tournament begins. Players won't be fighting for mere pocket change, as a Ferrari California sports car is up for grabs to the winner of the event, sponsored by NetEase president Ding Lei. This time also available to European players!

Invited are a ton of big names including both the current World Champion Pavel and Winter Champion ShtanUdachi. Other players joining them on the European team are Rdu, Orange, SuperJJ, Xixo, StanCifka and Kolento.

On the Chinese side the team consists of their entire line-up for the upcoming Spring Championship, Trunks, Dogggg, JasonZhou and Xhope as well as four veteran players LvGe, OmegaZero, Hamster and LovelyChook.

Groups and Format

Group Stage

  • Conquest, BO5, 1 Ban
  • Two groups of 8 players
  • Round Robin
  • Top 4 from each group advances


  • Conquest, BO7, 1 Ban
  • Single-elimination bracket
Group A  Group B 
LovelyChook   Xixo JasonZhou   Pavel
Dogggg   SuperJJ XHope   Kolento
OmegaZero   Rdu Trunks   StanCifka
LvGe   Orange Hamster  ShtanUdachi


The event lasts for a total of 11 days with 1 day off in between (reserved for tiebreakers) and 1 day where a show matches are played instead.

May 4th Round 1, Group A & B May 10th Round 7
May 5th Round 2 May 11th Tiebreaker matches only
May 6th Round 3  May 12th Show Match
May 7th Round 4  May 13th Quarter Final
May 8th Round 5 May 14th Semi-Final & Final
May 9th Round 6     


The winner of the event will be able to take home a Ferrari California sports car or alternatively can choose to take €200,000 instead.

1st Place Ferrari California sports car or €200,000
2nd Place €10,000
3rd and 4th Place  €5,000
5th to 8th Place  €1,000

Where to watch

Unfortunately Blizzard does not provide an official English broadcast. But like last year, Firebat will be casting the event on his own channel, together with Zalae. The official Chinese stream will be hosted on "BlizzardTV" at


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