Top Decks of the Week for April 30

Top Decks of the Week for April 30

It's time to take a look again at the top decks from the past week for both Standard and Wild! Today's also the last day for laddering, so go make sure you hit rank 20 on the other servers you play on if you haven't already. It also ain't a bad idea to try and get another rank or two on your home realm!

Top Standard Decks

Deck Author Cost
 Aggro Murloc Paladin Tholwmenos 8140
 Value-Control Mage PrinceOberyn77 8060
 Token Druid fade1606 1000
 Midrange Hunter Chaouz 1040
 Oppression Priest felthied 7500
 Aggro-Druid Sirius_A 5140
 Lyra Miracle Priest InfernOHS 3680
 Mid Paladin Toymachine 10460
 Zoolock Kripparrian 1520
 Quest Rogue Dog 8200

Top Wild Decks

Deck Author Cost
 Eggs and Pirates nevhoki 4560
 N'Zoth Paladin I_am_a_r3b3l 15840
 Are You A Pirate Like Me? Powah 6440
 Malygos Rogue Fay111 8160
 Reno Quest Priest FunKaliTy 13200
 N'zoth Fatigue Warrior power_of_the_dollar 12200
 Renolock JorisHS 11120
 Renolock Emirates0506 11880
 N'Zoth Ramp Druid kingsdefender 12360
 Zombie Chow FTW JawsLoanCompany 8920


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