Vote For Your Favourite Community Created Dual Class Cards

Vote For Your Favourite Community Created Dual Class Cards

It's that time again - time to vote for a winner in our weekly card design competition!

Competition-Specific Restrictions:

  • This week you have to create a stitched card. Choose 2 classes and create a card that both classes can use.
  • You are allowed to use class-specific keywords if one or both classes have them. For example you can create a Shaman/Rogue card and it can have both Overload and Combo.
  • Your card can't be a Quest. I don't think this competition would be a lot of fun if every other card would be a dual-class Quest.
  • Your card must have a "Stitched" boarder.

This Week's Finalists

We had 204 entries in this week's competition but only 20 have made it to the top! As usual, you can cast your vote in the voting thread and check out any tokens that cards may use.

by  nobravery

by  HenryXLII

by  Livienna

by  MistAssassin

by  Nobroam

by  Broeck1

by  Soulbattle

by  Xiaxiangde

by  Vilegloom

by  lolsen

by  ThisOtherGuyTox

by  nurgling13

by  sashashepto

by  Zukuu

by  Donnerfausuts

by  Lathy

by  SolutionXD

by  Aezuriel

by  ihascorm

by  Zence

Bonus Competition: Wolves in the Woods

We had a bonus competition running this past week which was in honor of our last class design competition winner, the 'Worgen Class' which won 'Asylum's Gauntlet', our third class creation competition. It's time for you to help us pick a winner here as well!

Wolves in the Woods Finalists

You can vote over in the Wolves in the Woods Voting thread.

by  ThisOtherGuyTox

by  Asylum_Rhapsody

by  Livienna

by  Haileystraza

by  MistAssassin

by  HitSlender

by  ShadowsOfSense

by  CheeseEtc

by  Vilegloom

by  Shatterstar1998


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