Vote For Your Favourite Community Created Cards That Get Triggered!

Vote For Your Favourite Community Created Cards That Get Triggered!

It's that time again - time to vote for a winner in our weekly card design competition!

The theme of the this week's competition was a little more intense than usual.

  • Your goal this week is to create a card with a Triggered effect. That means it must use the word(s); 'If', 'When(ever)', 'After', 'At the start', or 'At the end'. These words signal a Trigger.
  • Additionally the effect may not be a one use Trigger, and must be something that occurs any time the condition is met. This means no Battlecry, Deathrattle, Secrets, or Quest cards, as these aren't multi-use triggers.
  • Also your card cannot give a minion a trigger effect, like Blessing of Wisdom, as they give triggers and do not have a trigger themselves. The card itself needs to have a trigger. It cannot summon a token with trigger nor can it give trigger to a minion.

This Week's Finalists

We had 170 entries in this week's competition but only 16 have made it to the top! As usual, you can cast your vote in the voting thread and check out any tokens that cards may use.

by  Lathy

by  Donnerfausuts

by  Phoenixfeather

by  HS_XxShrekxX

by  Shanksyo

by  Bibikis

by  pui980178

by  Livienna

by  CheeseEtc

by  greg19

by  ZardozSpeaks

by  MyChalee

by  Toxibrah

by  HitSlender

by  suhailabtu

by  CastorT (Wild Card)

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