The Un'Goro Volcano has Erupted!

The Un'Goro Volcano has Erupted! 

Earlier today, reddit user /u/abouttogetdownvoted was messing around on the Un'Goro gameboard to see if he could make the volcano erupt, and it turns out, it does! Wait a second, how did we get here? Let's take a look back.

Mike Donais Knows a Secret

Last week, Mike Donais responded to a complaint on reddit about the new gameboard being "disappointing" with its visual effects unlike boards of previous expansions. He let out a hint that we were indeed missing something, and it was related to sound.

Luckily, the game board makes plenty of sounds.

Quote from Mike Donais

As far as the new Un'goro board goes, I am a little disappointed.

I mean, conceptually and thematically, it looks bonkers amazing but, as far as the clickable objects go, I didn't really find anything that would stand out visually, like the Laser uuh... Rocket from GvG.

I don't think even the Volcano does anything spectacular besides just showing more lava where you click. BRM's lava at least had some cool items emerging from below the surface and such.

Did I miss something or did they just not include anything visually pop-eye in this board?

You missed the volcano going off secret.

We will literally never know

The sound team added it so you have to understand a bit about music to find it.

Spamming of the Board

Now we're going back to /u/abouttogetdownvoted's findings. He bound keys to mouse clicks over different areas of the gameboard which allowed him to spam the different musical notes present on the board to see if he could figure out the correct combination.

Image credit to /u/abouttogetdownvoted

It worked! After some repetition and key smashing, the secret was unlocked.

The Combination

Try it yourself! Head on to the Un'Goro board and push the buttons in the following order:

  1. (D) Drum
  2. (G) Big Leaf
  3. (E) Shell
  4. (G) Big Leaf
  5. (A) Medium Leaf

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