Hearthstone ProTip: Disenchanting Your Non-Golden Duplicates More Easily

Hearthstone ProTip: Disenchanting Your Non-Golden Duplicates More Easily

And we're not talking about the mass disenchant button!

Hearthstone's Collection Manager is a lot smarter than many give it credit. The development team has added certain keywords to the search engine which helps you find exactly what you need, in our case today, those pesky duplicate cards.

For most, the mass disenchant button works wonders. If you have 3 of a card or an extra legendary, you can very easily hit this button to make them all go away and use that new dust to craft one of those new overpowered Quest cards. But what about that golden card you don't want because you already have two non-golden copies, or the inverse?

Simply entering "extra" into the search field will bring up all your cards that you can potentially discard to bring you back down to the two copies of each limit. In my case, I prefer Golden cards so as I click on the normal versions and disenchant them, the Collection Manager removes each card from the extra listing when I hit the max copies you can use in a deck.

This has saved me plenty of time when I'm trying to maximize my dust return from those pesky card packs which give me dupes as I previously would painstakingly go through my collection and do the same thing. I hope this helps you too!

Bonus: Missing Cards in Your Collection

What if you wanted to find just the missing cards in your collection to see if you have anything worthy of crafting? Well you can do that too by typing in "missing" into the Hearthstone collection manager's search box!

The missing keyword will immediately bring you into crafting mode and show you cards that you don't have two total copies of (or 1 for Legendaries). This can be very useful to remind yourself of any cards you may want to grab a second of that you could potentially include in your next deck creation or simply a way to help complete that entire collection, provided of course you have the dust!

I really should consider crafting The Black Knight...

Origin Story

These keywords haven't always been in Hearthstone. They were added back in Patch 4.2.0 which introduced Lady Liadrin, More Deck Slots, and the Old Gods pre-order among other features.

This post was inspired by a recent reddit thread. It seems to not be very common knowledge!


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