Everything You Need to Know for the Journey to Un'Goro Launch This Thursday

Update 9:00 PM EDT: Un'Goro is now LIVE in Europe and the World!
Update 1:00 PM EDT: Un'Goro is now LIVE in the Americas!

Journey to Un'Goro Launches This Thursday!

Hearthstone's newest expansion launches on Thursday and we're here to give you all the details in one easy place!

  • 135 new cards have been added to the game.
  • Datamined client data shows there is 3 Free Un'Goro Packs waiting for you when you login!
  • There is a quest to obtain the new Rogue hero, Maiev. Details can be found below.
  • Legendary spells have arrived! They take the form of in-game Quests and you can see them all below.
  • Don't forget you can use Innkeeper to track your collection on the site to find decks easier that you can craft!




New Mechanic: Quests

There is a new mechanic featured on spells called Quest. This is how they work:

  • You will always start off with your Quest card if you have one in your deck, though you are allowed to mulligan it.
  • Completing a Quest's stated requirements will earn you a Reward.
  • Every class has one Quest card. There are no neutral Quests.

Below you can find every Quest in the game alongside its Reward.

New Keyword: Adapt

Adapt is a new keyword that lets you give your cards new attributes to combat the many situations you may find yourself in during a game of Hearthstone. It works a bit like Discover in that there is a pool of choices you get to pick from but are only presented with three options. These options are as follows.

  • +3 Attack
  • +3 Health
  • +1/+1
  • Windfury
  • Taunt
  • Poisonous
  • Divine Shield
  • Deathrattle: "Summon two 1/1 Plants."
  • Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers.
  • Stealth until your next turn

New Tribe: Elementals

Elementals have arrived! Not only are there a lot of new minions added to the game with this new Tribe, but some minions of the past have been upgraded. You will find that Elementals tend to work together and some cards even trigger off them but themselves are not Elementals.

Check out some of these cool Elemental interactions.


Sets Rotating From Standard

The following sets of cards are no longer available for play in Standard once Un'Goro goes live. Our deckbuilder and decks on the site have been updated to reflect this change.

Additionally, six cards have been moved from the Classic Set and into the Hall of Fame and cannot be used in Standard.

New Playable Hero: Maiev Shadowsong

A new hero has arrived! Maiev Shadowsong is the new Rogue hero and can be yours for free as long as you play 10 games in the new Standard format once the Year of the Mammoth goes live with Un'Goro.

Theorycraft Journey to Un'Goro Decks

Our community here on HearthPwn has been busy throughout the reveal season creating new ideas with the Un'Goro cards. Check out some of our favourites below and be sure to share your ideas in the comments. We've also included a set of decks courtesy of TrumpSC.

Share your own decks using our deckbuilder tool.

Community Decks

Deck Author Cost
 Death Elemental - Quest Rogue XIII 11880
 Un'Goro TTK Mage Quest Deck Divinspree 9440
 UnGuro Sulfuras Warrior CzechCloud 7060
 Un'Goro Yolo Discardlock Zelpex 4420
 [HCH] Hemet Combo Hunter RogueSenpai 4260
 Hand Buff Elemental Paladin TheScot 5240
 I AM A TURTLE! ShadowsOfSense 3440

Trump's Decks

Deck Cost
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest Beast Druid 4640
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest Hunter 5480
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest Mage 8960
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Elemental Mage 4880
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Midrange Paladin 8840
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest N'Zoth Priest 6320
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest Rogue 9400
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Elemental Shaman 6880
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest Murloc Shaman 5760
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Discardlock 2620
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Handlock 5340
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest Warrior 7520

Journey to Un'Goro Deck Recipes

Blizzard has added in 9 new deck recipes to the game with this week's patch which feature some of the new cards.

Deck Cost
 Might of the Dino King - Druid Deck Recipe 9920
 Dinomancer - Hunter Deck Recipe 2740
 Flames of the Phoenix - Mage Deck Recipe 5320
 Primordial Blessings - Paladin Deck Recipe 3900
 Awakenings - Priest Deck Recipe 9580
 The Dig - Rogue Deck Recipe 6620
 Storm, Earth, and Fire - Shaman Deck Recipe 4920
 Feed the Void - Warlock Deck Recipe 5460
 Guarding the Shard - Warrior Deck Recipe 3780

Share Your Own New Decks

Have you created a deck using cards from the new expansion that you're finding success with? Head on over to our deckbuilder and share it with us! Click the banner below to go to the deckbuilder. Don't forget to write a short description to let people know how it works!

Share Your Pack Openings

We'd love to see what you crack open whether that is out of those pre-order packs or from all that gold you've been saving up for months. Check out our two dedicated threads for sharing your openings, one that is for opening videos and the other for screenshots. 

Open a Simulated Card Pack

Compete on our site leaderboard with simulated pack openings now featuring Un'Goro cards!

Check Out Our Community Compendium

The community voted on all the cards from this expansion and you can check out the results in the Un'Goro Community Compendium.

Visit Our Journey to Un'Goro Guide

If you want to take a look at everything the set has to offer, you should head on over to our guide where you can take a visual look!


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