Do Not Forget to Login Today - Golden Volcanosaur is Today's Login Reward!

You must login with an updated Hearthstone app to receive the card.

Golden Volcanosaur is Today's Login Reward!

This is your only chance to get a free Golden Volcanosaur from the Hearthstone Team! Make sure you login on all the servers you play Hearthstone on to get this free card. We recommend holding off on dusting it, wait and see how the expansions shapes up. Oh, also..

You can play with it today. Right now.

We can has so much funs together!

That's right. You can play with the new Adapt mechanic and the expansion isn't even out yet, how fancy is that? The card can also be drafted in Arena so give 'er a shot if you partake in those particular arts.

Why haven't you logged in yet? Stop reading this and login. Unless of course it's Thursday and the login reward is no longer in active, in that case, you snoozed and you lost big time! Okay, maybe not big time but hey, worst case scenario it's free dust, right?! Why did you give up free dust?


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