Blue Tweets, MG Tournament Decklist RoundUp, Legends of Hearthstone W9

Blue Tweets

The Hearthstone devs had some great tweets today. We're saving the best for last.

Ladder Reset

Any word on when the reset is going to happen? Ive been away and dont feel like starting the grind if its happening this week. Tks!
No word yet, sorry! - Ben Brode (Source)

Any chance of some sort of vague ETA for Test Season 2 going live? Are we looking at days, weeks or even months do you think?
hey buddy! Sorry for missing your original msg. Intent is to roll the season asap. So not months. - Yong Woo (Source)
Can you tell if there will be a little advance warning before the reset happens?
There will be announcement via community channels before the reset happens. It could happen any day, as soon as we're ready. - Yong Woo (Source)


Why did you nerf Starving Buzzard cause some classes can't kill it easy, yet you left Blood Imp alone? Hunters need help atm right?
Actually at many tiers of player, hunter was the number 1 class by a wide margin, pre change. Still #1 at those tiers even now. - Ben Brode (Source)

Hearthstone on iPad

Any rough guesstimate on when hearthstone will be out to play on ipad? and if it will work on an ipad mini? :) great game btw!
No dates have been announced. What I can tell you though is that I own an iPad Mini so there's an incentive for you. :) - Yong Woo (Source)


Any idea when we might see a bug fix for minions swapping positions? Screwing up with Defender of Argus and similar cards
That one has been tricky. We have it high on our list to take care of. No eta yet. - Yong Woo (Source)

Quote from Yong Woo

First day back at the office for 2014. Going to be an action packed Q1. Here we go, here we go!!

First team meeting of the year! Yes, that's @bdbrode with the pink ball and tiger blanky. #Hearthstone #development

ManaGrind Tournament Decklist RoundUp

It's been another busy weekend with the Friday night NA & EU Swiss tournaments and the MLG/ManaGrind NA & EU Opens. If you're curious as to what the best players are playing with in their decks, read on! If you're interested in interviews with the winners, we'll have those available later in the week.



Legends of Hearthstone W9

If you saw our post on Friday, you'd know that Blizzard didn't publish the data for the EU top 100 ladder rankings and we would likely see it today. As foretold, here are the EU top 100 ranked players! We've also included the data again for the North American ladder because it makes for a prettier table.

Please note that this list only includes players who are currently at Legend rank. If not enough players are at Legend rank to display here, this list will display the top ranked Legend players as well as other top Ranked Play players in order of stars accumulated. This data is up-to-date as of January 2nd, 2014.

North America Europe
1 StrifeCro 1 Darkwonyx 32
50 Savjz 2 Kerber 68
69 Razor 3 Ekop 25
20 rushwizard 4 Деамонда 14
6 NicJam 5 Kalle 0
2 Retropelet 6 Xixo 40
2 Briggles 7 Via
1 Realz 8 KhayN
puffin 9 Ascan
3 Stoyven 10 Gnimsh
Bounds 11 Anssi
Alchemixt 12 Asharita
3 Fortune 13 Marlu 9
memz 15 Yliajo 40
49 kitkatz 16 Kaor 10
41 johnnyd23 17 Hcrush
4 Phantiks 18 Mottschi
Supernova 19 Req
Exactable 20 Schlitzer
bma 21 Suezay 76
7 Elfflame 22 Hupra 65
37 JAB 23 Krashnak
32 Gyll 24 Pyr0man
monk 25 bkbgrnrjefek 28
9 Zalphx 26 Allanon
Darkorange 27 Olinho 40
9 Zeys 28 Enukii
9 Draven 29 Bazookas
69 Ditka 30 Cipher
indY 31 Blooddragon
58 Snuss 32 Imbajimba
8 XzaM 33 Madrac00n
shouri 34 Falcon 22
Seraphim 35 Wargos
Requiem 36 Bestmarmotte 42
AstroStone 37 Stylo
Djrab 38 Zadkiel
Reere 39 julsn
AbusedGod 40 StarSh1ne
29 Ðart 41 Rain
danesky 42 Wampie 6
Mickin 43 Savjz 36
Holgate 44 Lockas
JigglesMcFly 45 GeneraL 6
Ninwak 46 SensoR 29
Levi 47 Vadorin
ArkCruiser 48 Rekako
Yuno 49 Medivh
sLayinkings 50 Shibe 18
Sockem 51 c3m
Grindstone 52 JohnCooper
41 Iksar 53 Nyhx
Zoombuh 54 Unikat
4 Mutubah 55 Vampyr
Terence 56 Szityek
Lucidus 57 solow 19
Vince 58 Lythgul
TurvyTopsy 59 Alebo
Scotsman 60 Portex
Evermore 61 Kirtar 37
16 DjBigRuss 62 RageKhv 3
Chappers 63 wtk300 19
58 curi 64 Ostkaka 50
ChrisCMoi 65 Omglolqqmore
EteRnalAKX 66 Airbrushed
Synial 67 Baldufo
ozhe 68 Sanan
Revelaxion 69 Mandros
13 Gunba 70 Druuf
NothingWorks 71 Broccoli 18
49 Fjord 72 AeriaGloris
33 zRusheR 73 Dai
fyaoyh 74 Bibilicious
4 mar1zzle 75 scarrr
Filippy 76 DWNS
Giraffe 77 Kolori
Cerumo 78 Vyrtyx 46
Rotspanier 79 Rand
Puffy 80 Abraham 30
60 Puree 81 Leps
DRAGONSTAR 82 pkpewpew
Wildstorm 83 Jenova
Chran 84 Twilight
HummyHero 85 Arirmind
Implication 86 TheDna
hossdrop 87 Vault
Mandraxhair 88 Wuaschtsemme
reynad 89 Izs
82 Daxxon 90 zhen1394
Paul 91 Setzer
61 LuigEzz 92 Elvez
7 Vylo 93 Sfayne 85
iSkeezy 94 Buch
ShadowFrost 95 adEvil
Dayoni 96 TikkiTavi
glick 97 gnumme 94
CanucK 98 Orsm
alley26 99 Syfer
Pillars 100 Antero

Fight Night Hearthstone - Episode 1

Episode 1 from ESGN's Hearthstone Fight Night is up on the ESGN youtube channel! Fight Night Hearthstone is kicked off on Day 1 with the two teams: Team "DogeHouse" and Team "Other Team No Name Yet" stepping into the competition!



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