Kalimos, Primal Lord - The HearthPwn Un'Goro Card Reveal


The Element of Cunning and Madness

Fascinating! This Elemental appears to have the power to dispose of weaker beings which threaten his existence. We’ll definitely want to continue keeping a safe distance.. WHAT WAS THAT?


The Element of Stability and Stubbornness

We're witnessing a miracle! Its gained control of an entire army in mere seconds! Keep quiet everyone, they're off to battle that family of dinosaurs off in the distance. WHOA, that tail-swipe-a-saurus sure did a number on him.


The Element of Tranquility and Indecisiveness

Simply unbelievable. This Elemental has also harnessed the energy of Water, what can this magnificent creature not do? It appears the damage done has been instantly repaired. Go cute rocks, go!


The Element of Passion and Fury

RUN! We've stayed too long and its taken notice! I'm not going to go down to a little bit of fire, there's much worse enemies out there! See you guys later, I do hope we'll meet again, I'm out of here!

Learn More About The Journey to Un'Goro!

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Additionally, thank you very much to the Hearthstone team for providing us with this awesome card to share with you all!


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