E. Malone's Expedition W3 - Shaman Legendary Quest & More!

E. Malone's Expedition Journal - Week 3 - Shaman Legendary Quest & More!

Two new cards have been revealed through a blog from Blizzard, including the Shaman Legendary Quest, Unite the Murlocs!

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Galvadon Gets Closer & Voting

The video today showed us a bit more of Galvadon, the Legendary Quest reward for Paladins! What do you think its effect will be?

Super Spoiler: Japanese subtitles in the below video state the effect is "Battlecry: Adapt 5 times." (thanks /u/triplekinoko)

Additionally, as usual, we're getting to choose the next part of their adventure in Un'Goro! Jagged path is where its at. Go vote!


Blog Post

Quote from Blizzard

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Learn more about Journey to Un'Goro!

Visit our expansion guide to look at all the new cards that have been revealed so far, as well as anything else you want to know about the new expansion!


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