Top Decks of the Week for March 19

Top Decks of the Week for March 19

Plenty of great decks made it to the top last week, with quite a bit of variety out there in Standard. What sort of decks did you play last week and what are you planning on taking out on the ladder this week?

Top Standard Decks

Deck Author Cost
 Jade Rogue Comeback SpaceRef 12400
 Buffadin Hollowfaust 4160
 Zoolock Fabman650 1320
 Jade Shaman sirluky2 6400
 Secret-Face Hunter Tomas13CZ 3240
 Super Shadow Reno Priest raja420 14440
 Jade Druid Kolento 6780
 Hybrid Face Hunter Patadon35 4740
 Doom Wyrm Rogue GwenHS 6000

Top Wild Decks

Deck Author Cost
 Secret Murloc Paladin sipiwi94 10700
 Wild Water Rogue Deck Minkman 9760
 Midrange Pally Justice171 10640
 Secret Echo Mage jin2908 3660
 Renolock Poach 13080
 Legend Demon Reno Zoo sipiwi94 10860
 Mech Mage jxxmbo 4320
 Pirate Warrior Serpantiner 6400
 Demon Disco Legend504 1320
 BloodSail JTS 7960
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