The Journey to Un'Goro Release Date & A Special Amazon Coins Pre-order Promotion

The Journey to Un'Goro Release Date & A Special Amazon Coin Pre-order Promotion

Journey to Un'Goro will release on April 6th. Don't just take our word for it though, here's what has lead us to this conclusion.

To start things off, the old "set your clock ahead" trick seems to be working again with the Hearthstone Client where if you set the clock ahead in time to a certain date, your Un'Goro card packs appear to be operable. This has been a common tactic to figure out release dates of content in the past and has an excellent track record of being correct. Unfortunately, Blizzard changed something which makes this no longer work, but we took screenshots prior to the tweak.

"But Flux, nothing about Un'Goro so far has been like traditional expansion releases, why should we believe this wasn't just a mistake?" you ask. Well, because there's another source of information out there now which further confirms the date. Say hello to our good friend Amazon.

Amazon is currently running a promotion which gives you 500 Amazon Coins if you pre-order the expansion through them. On their offer page, the rules clearly state that the promotion ends just before to clock ticks April 6th. Why would it be stopping then? Because you can't pre-order an expansion when it launches.

So there we have it! Journey to Un'Goro should be launching on April 6th 2017, unless something terrible happens and the developers get eaten by their own cards, or maybe the community depending on how the reveals go.

Now, if you're one of those people who hasn't yet pre-ordered Un'Goro, and you've got an Android device with the Amazon Underground App Store, maybe you should go ahead and take part in this deal. More info below!

I pre-ordered this morning when I woke up without knowing about this offer, FeelsBadMan.

Pre-order Journey to Un'Goro Through Amazon!

Links to Amazon are referral links. These let Amazon know we sent you and we get a bit of a kick-back which helps support the site. It should also be noted the offer appears to be US only. Sorry rest of the world! 

Not only will you get a sweet coin kick-back through this deal, but you can also buy Amazon Coins at a discount which means overall, before the free coins, you get Un'Goro cheaper than any other methods. Oh and since it's the pre-order, you're already getting a sweet deal on packs, since it's essentially 10 free packs and a card back included!

To take advantage of this, you need an Android device which can install the Amazon Underground Appstore in order to get the correct Hearthstone app that lets you redeem the coins. You will need to install Hearthstone on the device through the Amazon Store, so if you already have Hearthstone installed, install it.

Next, you'll need to buy some Amazon Coins at a discount to get cheaper packs! The discounts change based on how many coins you buy, so stock up now by buying a bigger bundle of Coins to put towards packs post-launch. After you have your coins, you can download / enter the game on your device and pre-order.

Be sure to visit our guide to learn more about Amazon Coins. You can view the current offer status for the Un'Goro Pre-order right here.

Journey to Un'Goro Guide

You can visit our Journey to Un'Goro Expansion Guide for up to date expansion information, including a brand new way of seeing cards!


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