China's Brawl with Un'Goro Pack Rewards - A Mashup of the Old and the New

China's Brawl with Un'Goro Pack Rewards

China's Heroic Brawl has been delayed a week and replaced with what is a new version of Encounter at the Crossroads which has an interesting modification - Party Crashers! These minions are 4-mana 3/5s which have Taunt and attack automatically at the end of your turn into your opponent's face.

This brawl rewards players with an Un'Goro card pack, which can't be opened until the expansion releases in April.

Maybe we'll get this Brawl mashup next week when China gets their Heroic Brawl, but no official word has come out yet on that or if we'll be seeing Un'Goro packs from any future Brawls.


Thanks to /u/VinnyKappa on reddit for the information and screenshots.

But Wait There's More!

What is truly interesting about this Brawl is that it looks like this is a mashup of two different Brawls; Encounter at the Crossroads, and a new Co-Op Brawl that is incoming which celebrates the Year of the Mammoth, which we datamined in Hearthstone Patch 7.1 last week.

This Co-Op Brawl looks like it's going to hit somewhere around the launch of the Year of the Mammoth, more likely afterwards due to a client string that states we are celebrating the year itself, which is traditionally done after it actually begins.

Quote from HearthPwn

  • TB_MP_CROSSROADS Wait, who's that guy?
  • TB_MP_STORMWIND_SUCCESS You did it! How much more can you go?
  • TB_MP_BOSS Decorated Stormwind
  • TB_MP_BOSS2 Partytown
  • TB_MP_BOSS3 Party Capital
  • TB_MP_CROSSROADS_CRASHER What's he doing here??
  • TB_MP_COOP_TEXT_START Use your Hero Power to decorate the Tavern with the other player!
  • TB_MP_COOP_FIRST_CRASHER Watch out! Those guys are trying to crash the party. Get rid of them!
  • TB_MP_COOP_PINATA You did it! Time to hit the Piñata! But the Party Crashers are getting out of hand....
  • TB_MP_COOP_CRASHER_DISCARD The Party Crasher gets bored of sitting in the player's hand and leaves.
  • TB_MP_COOP_ENDING Success! Thanks for celebrating the Year of the Mammoth with us!
  • TB_MP_COOP_1STSPELL Uh oh, the Kabal may have gotten into the punch....
  • TB_MP_COOP_2NDSPELL Please don't light the fireworks inside!


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