Hearthstone Week in Review: Feb 20 - 26

Guess what? GwentDB has ANOTHER 25,000 beta keys available!

Hearthstone Week in Review: Feb 20 - 26

The week before last week was described as a monster. I think we can safely call this past week a Titanosaur and a half!




The Hearthstone Announcement on Monday

Ben Brode posted some Tweets and photos over on his Twitter account giving us a little spoiler into the next expansion. Yeah, totally not Un'goro Crater related guys. For those that haven't take the adventure in World of Warcraft, the third photo is Ben on top of a mountain that sits between Un'goro Crater and Tanaris. 

Fun Fact: Tanaris is the location of Gadgetzan. I wonder if this means we're going to get an Uldum or Silithus expansion after Un'goro. Let's get some more archaeology action going on or hey, bugs are cool too.

Quote from Ben Brode

MFW the director of this new video we're filming asks if I can wear a flannel on Monday (Source)
Looking forward to Monday! (Source)
Ready to jump! (Source)



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