Legend Matchmaking Update

Legend Matchmaking Update

Dean Ayala has confirmed this evening that Legend players should now find matches against those that have a closer MMR to them.

Quote from Dean Ayala

TLDR: Players stopped playing versus dumpster players if they were high ranked. Blizzard haden't said anything so the players wasen't 100% sure if any changed actually occurred. Iksar first said it was unlikely that they changed anything. However today he confirmed it was true. The reason he didn't know was because he wasen't involved in the change.

Basically, some back-end changes were made that made matchmaking at the top-end a little 'better' in terms of finding you a match against someone with a closer MMR. We'll be evaluating that change over the course of this month to see what kind of effect it actually had on match MMR disparity and queue times. At that point we'll have a further update.


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